He’s Flying!!

The day the secondary glazing comes off the windows is a day of incredible freedom for me, as I no longer have to shoot through 3mm plex and 250-year-old window. Often, I lean… Continue reading

Catching Up

Been a while since I updated everyone. Summer seems to be flying by and visitors have seen us travelling all over. While all of that’s been going on, life on the pond has… Continue reading

Life Goes On

It’s been a crazy month and I’ve barely been out to see the pond families at all. But I did manage to get a few shots of what’s going on. These are a… Continue reading

Life on the Pond

The last two weeks have been full of life and growth. There are four different Mallard families now. The Tufted Ducks are still here, so are the Coots. Haven’t seen any sign of… Continue reading

They’re Here!!!

I’ve been absent a while. I am sorry, but until I can upgrade and get more gigs, I’ve been hoarding space here. Waiting for today. We’ve been keeping watch for days, knowing that… Continue reading

That Time of Year

I cannot believe that I have 101 followers now. That means a lot to me and I thank you. I love doing this blog, sharing the world I see. The weekly challenges have… Continue reading

Blurred Reality

Almost three years ago, I went to London. My memories are blurred when it comes to that period, but the photos help me remember. For more blurry takes, check out The Daily Post’s… Continue reading

Ephemeral Ephemora

“Ephemoral”: from the Greek meaning ‘for the day’, ‘living only for a day’, ‘short lived’. Ephemora”: 14th century medical term for short-lived fever that became the word for short-lived insects and flowers, and… Continue reading

Purified and Fresh

Yesterday was the Equinox and in case anyone didn’t hear, there was a total eclipse of the sun by a supermoon. Talk about the birth of a new day! I was blown away… Continue reading

Walls of Wall

When I first saw this week’s challenge, I started thinking of walls I’ve seen all over the world – Saqsaywaman, Kathmandu, Macchu Pichu, the Grand Canyon – amazing walls. Then Pink Floyd’s “The… Continue reading

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    Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
    - Confucius

    And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
    - Anais Nin

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    I'm a Canadian who loves our planet and the people living on it. I also love to travel and take pictures. I'd like to think I've improved a little, but am pretty sure there's room to be better.

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