A New Adventure

I’ve travelled a fair bit, seen a lot of this world, but definitely not enough. There are so many amazing places on this planet of ours, and I want to see them all – down to the nano-metre. That may or may not happen. But, I’ve have seen the temples of the Himalayas and the majesty of the Andes; I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon for a day and seen the Rocky Mountains; I’ve eaten fresh scallops in the Maritimes of Canada, and on Hatteras Island in North Carolina; I’ve been from Mexico to Muskoka; and once, many years ago, I made it across the pond to England.

This blog will not be about me and my travels, so much as what I’ve seen. I may include hotels I’ve stayed at, if they are interesting, but not the prices, and I won’t necessarily be talking about cheap restaurants. I feel keenly that our planet is a magical place and it is the magic I have found that I will be sharing, in photographs (I have thousands of photographs) and short vignettes. It’s the people, the minutiae, the flowers, sometimes the garbage. There is beauty in everything.

Niagara Falls in February
The Muskoka Lakes
Mayan Dancer in the Yucatan
St. James Gardens in Spring
Artwork in Jackson Square

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