Evening in the Terai

Many years ago, I had the privilege to visit the ancient land of Nepal. It was an amazing experience; one that I have treasured; one that I’ve wished to repeat ever since.

At one point, I spent a few days at Chitwan National Park, which is in the Terai (lowlands). The Terai is a band of grass and marshlands that runs from northern India through Nepal. Near the banks of the Rapti River, Chitwan Jungle Lodge seemed a magical place. We did some walks through the jungle, and several forays on elephant back. One evening, from the back of an elephant, I took the following photos of the grasslands.

An Evening Out on the Terai

Down By the River
The River Rapti
Ever Higher
From the grasslands, through the forests to the hill country and, finally, into the mountains.

Setting Sun

Ever Lower Sun

An Elephant Moves Forward

A Sea of Grasses

Almost Night

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