And On Up the Road

My last post, After the Rains, followed the road we drove after arriving at the B&B in Wales. Today that drive continues. That early evening drive had such a magical quality. It seemed that everywhere I looked was equal, or greater, beauty … beauty that touched my soul and soothed my spirit.

Our landlord had suggested we make this drive, but with wonderfully vague directions. “Turn right out of the drive. Turn right at the next village. Turn left at the phone box and keep going up.” We didn’t actually intend to follow his directions that evening, but as we drove, I saw the phone box and realized we had inadvertently done exactly that. The photos in After the Rains were taken as we drove up the road after making the left turn. Today’s photos continue that journey up to the Hermitage our landlord had said we must see if we took that road.

The first shots in this set are of the valley we had come to by the end of After the Rains. I think of it as Avalon.

Evening Meal

Down in the Valley

The Mists of Avalon

Out of the Shadows

Glimmering Blossoms

Hill and Dale

Through the Hedgerow


A Shining Thread

About ten minutes up the road, we came to the Shrine of the Hermit. I don’t know who the Hermit was, but I do know that his place has become something of a holy destination at which, to this day, people leave offerings. Many are simple crosses made of two twigs bound together with twine; others are more modern – a camera, a cellphone, small toys and one, a gold locket hanging on a bush. I wonder how many places there are on this earth where things like this could be left and not taken by someone else.

Boundaries Ignored

The Hermitage Shrine

Offerings at the Shrine

Babbling Brook

Handmade Offerings

One thought on “And On Up the Road

  1. These pictures are wonderful and remind me of the Wales we saw together last year. The Shrine of the Hermit is very similar to the little Grotto we saw on the way into the Black Hills (I think). Thanks for the memories …


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