Dancing Ancient History

The first time I went to Mexico, I loved it. I stayed at the Maya Tankah near Tulum, which being between private property and an eco-preserve had a marvelous stretch of un-touristed sand.  Days were spent exploring the shore and snorkelling; evenings laughing with new friends and watching the entertainment brought in by the resort.

One night, a troupe of Mayan dancers came in.  Now, I have no misconception that the dances were presented exactly as they had been danced hundreds of years ago.  After all, to be entertaining to tourists, there needs to be a bit of bling.  But these dancers were phenomenal and I loved every moment.  I’ve put no captions on these photos, no explanations. They were taken with my first digital camera and I’m not sure that I used a flash (having danced myself at one point, I know the dangers of flashes going off mid-performance).

I wish I knew the dancers’ names so I could give them credit for their work. Instead, I present them to you anonymously in the hope that it honours them.

They truly were fabulous.

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