So, it’s the first day of the new year and I thought I’d get things going with a post. A few weeks ago, I posted photos of swans taken with my new camera while I was out learning to use it. Today, I thought I’d post more from that outing. I was learning the camera, how to set it manually, how to work with F stops and shutter speed, and how ISO affects both. I find that after years of being content to allow the camera to make all the decisions, I want some control.

So, the first two photos … I love the composition of this shot, but the problem was that I hadn’t learned to control the exposure yet.

It’s a tad too bright. So, I decided to play with it a little in one of my photo programmes to see what I could make of it. Well, it would definitely have been better had I done it right when I took the picture, but the result is rather neat, so here you are.

I love the next photos because of the relationships between the birds. I just have this image of a beauty parlour and gossip in my head. However, although it took me a fairly short time to decide on my F-stop, the shutter speed was another story. There was a soft quality to this light that needed just the right settings to be seen in a photo.

These next are just because I enjoy them. Again, I was playing with the settings, experimenting a bit, but it’s the birds themselves that I like to watch in them.

And then there are those who just want to relax in the sun.

What’s he seen?

Hope everyone had a good night last night, whether alone or with family and friends, whether ruminative or celebratory in nature. It was lighter perceptibly longer yesterday, just ten days after the Solstice. This is good. Life is good.


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