Soothing the Soul

My soul has been restless of late. Solar flares, cosmic forces, world-weariness … all conspire to create a haze on the brain. As I was looking for my contribution to this week’s photo challenge, I turned to the first photos I took with my Fuji last December. I’ve posted some from that foray already, in January I think, but I thought I would share more because these photos soothed my troubled spirit today … calmed my mind … freed my thoughts. I love birds in flight and these lifted me. Then I came to the close-ups, calm, still, gentle ripples. I hope they bring you peace, calm your chattering monkeys.

Panorama 1 DSCF0362_resizeDSCF0363_resize


DSCF0371_resize DSCF0377_resizeDSCF0379_resize DSCF0380_resize DSCF0381_resize

DSCF0383_resize DSCF0389_resize DSCF0395_resize DSCF0396_resize DSCF0397_resize DSCF0398_resize

DSCF0412_resize DSCF0435_resize






Now, perhaps home … to sweet dreams.

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