Those Amazing Flying Machines

My love affair with the Spitfire continues. This year was the 70th Anniversary of D-Day and the Flying Legends Airshow in Duxford had a great collection of them in honour. There were 10 listed in the programme.

As usual, I missed the take-off. Somehow, we have yet to be in place in time for me to get my camera set up to catch the take-off. And this year, I was risking doing the whole airshow on my Fuji, instead of my trusty Lumix. I very quickly realised that it was wisest to put it on automatic, because trying to keep up with the camera in manual mode meant I missed too many shots. Am I ever glad I did. I took almost 1,000 photos during the three hours I shot … I’m still not sure how many actually worked, but enough did that it was worth the learning experience.

Anyway, take-off missed … again … these are my favourite shots of my beloved Spitfires.

Familiar to plane watchers throughout the war, four Spits are silhouetted high in the sky.
Familiar to plane watchers throughout the war, four Spits are silhouetted high in the sky.
A Little Closer
Closer in, their markings become clear. It’s easy to see how they could appear out of the clouds.
All eyes are trained on the skies as the Spits ‘Beat Up the Airfield’.
Peeling Away
I love how they look like they’re avoiding the Tannoy as they peel away. It’s easy to pretend they’re after a Messerschmidt.
Plucky and lithe, they dart and swoop.
Into Line Again
And then they come together again ….
Mark 5 Ready for Attack
The black and white stripes indicate that this Mark 5 was part of the invasion on D-Day.
And Safely Home
Back on the ground, ready to refuel.
On the ground, the fuel truck makes its rounds, getting the Spitfires ready for the Balbo.
70 Years Later
Standing proudly and still, the Spitfires wait.

For three and a half hours, until the Balbo had finished, we watched them: Corsairs, Constellations, Messerschmidts, Lancasters, Hurricanes, Warhawks, Junkers, a bunch I can’t remember, and finally, the Spitfires. A great afternoon.


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