DP WordPress Photo Challenge – Adventure

My photos this week join two of my favourite subjects in the middle of an adventure. Both exactly where she has wanted to be. Both seeking the next thing on the horizon or over the rise.

Since she read “The Secret Garden” as a child, and “Wuthering Heights” as a teenager, she has wanted to see the moors of Yorkshire. She’s a natural photographer and her first instinct is to memorialize this moment with her camera, but she cannot stop herself from looking in another direction – seeking the next view, the next new thing, the next dream come true.

Living A Dream
Living A Dream

She is born to run in mountain terrain, guarding her flock, clambering over rock. She never has done, but whenever she is in a mountain-like place, she moves naturally, flowing over crags and boulders as if she’s done it her entire life. Always, she seeks the next thing to come, the next bit of excitement, and her flock.

Seeking A Dream
Seeking A Dream

Adventure is in the spirit and it needs to be embraced fully. How we experience and live our adventures is more important that what it is we seek; it’s the living of it, the doing of it, even if in some small way, that feeds our spirits. The attainment may yet be over the next boulder or hidden in the heather; it might not. We won’t know unless we look.

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