DP WordPress Photo Challenge – Dreamy

Dreams: sometimes hazy, ghostlike; sometimes stark and too real.

Ship, stark and white in a sea of blue; ghostly, not quite realWater symbolizes emotions, our emotions – is it calm and clear, or choppy? The white ship is how we move through our emotions and the solid white cliffs in the haze are where we would like to be. White is the ‘all colour’, purity; blue is the throat chakra – communication.

EvergreenThe stone of the rose window is solid, stable, but cold. The tree, evergreen despite the cold, is not quite there, still a part of pure white light. New life? Tree of life? Born of light?

Quicksilver WashWater, roiling in places, silvery calm in others. The colour of mercury … quick silver. We are encompassed by these dreams; flight dreams over ever changing deep waters. The Other SideAre we in a prison? Have we died and reached some level of hell that cannot access the peace and purity of the hilltop? Are we a creature on a leaf, seeing life from a different perspective in this dream?

Birds, FreedomThey are born to rise above, to defy gravity, to be free of the chains that bind us to this earth. A spiritual joining found only in dreams.

Pure JoyShe is pure joy, unfettered. The only thing real and solid in this dream is her exuberant freedom; all else is not quite real, not quite there.

Dreams – they express our inner most desires and fears, our most hidden emotions and secrets. What we see in them, how we see them, is individual, intrinsic to who we are. We are the stuff that dreams are made of.

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