What’s Your Angle

Well, this week I went on a bit of a journey. Angular … it would be easy to assume that it could only mean one thing – angles. And it does. However, angles take on many forms and are found in many places.

Nature’s geometry is subtle and it is easy to see if you know how to look. No less spectacular, however, are those man-made bits of angular beauty. My journey took me all over my new home and back to my homeland; from today to days of history; from the clouds to the earth below.

It’s taken me three days to compile this little gallery of angular vision. It has taken you much less time to travel down the path I’ve gone down before. It’s been fun taking you there.

For more angular angles go to: Angular

Follow up to the original post: Thank you to June and Joan in Bracebridge for their correction to my description of the bridge. I really appreciate it.


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