As soon as I saw the theme for this week’s challenge, I thought of this day.

Muskoka was gray this summer. Drizzly, cool, gray. It happens sometimes.  Back in August, Mum and I were driving the back roads near Bracebridge. As we rounded a curve around a field, I just about inhaled my teeth at the view. The Goldenrod was out in full force and the entire field was covered in its golden haze.

I love Goldenrod. I miss Goldenrod as it’s cultivated here, but doesn’t grow as I love it. I had stopped the car and pulled out my Lumix before I could take another breath. It was as if the field were trying to remind the sun to shine.

Golden GloryWhen I turned around to go back to the car, I took a closer look at a tiny plot of land on the other side of the road. I can’t name most of the wildflowers in these shots, beyond the Goldenrod and Purple Coneflower; somehow, I don’t care. It was a marvelous profusion of colour, all backed by Goldenrod.







P1320839For the 15 minutes or so we were there, grey skies were forgotten. The other flowers were beautiful and probably would have earned a photo or two, but it was the Goldenrod, it’s glorious golden yellow, uplifting and brilliant that held us.

For more yellow joy, go to: DP WordPress Photo Challenge – Yellow

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