Mid-Winter Scenes

Today is the Solstice — Mid-Winter 2014

The last two Saturdays have given us frost so thick it lay like frozen snow and covered the ponds in delicately carved flash-frozen ice. It’s been lovely.

It’s the shortest day of the year – Mid-Winter’s Day. The season is full of high spirits and good cheer. But today, I will be cheering on the sun. As I gaze upon the beauty of my lady the moon at her strongest on Mid-Winter’s Night, I will also be looking forward to one minute more of daylight every day.

The Dark Ages are half over. On February 1, we will be half way to spring. That’s not so far away. Six weeks. I can live with that.

Winter here reminds me of green winters in Ontario. I hope we have snow on Christmas Eve, but even if we don’t I’ll enjoy the holiday and the memory of true winter in the flash freezes and frosts that comprise winter here.

Happy Mid-Winter; Blessed Solstice.

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