A Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night

We have no lovely, snowy, wintery scenes at Christmas this year. It’s about as green as it could be outside. Inside, however, Christmas is evident in the cards from our friends, wrapped packages and hidden, and our tree. Full of decorations both hand-made and store-bought, bought and received as gifts, old and new, it is a tree of memories. This was made by my sister and my nieces; these were given to me by my mother for my first Christmas Tree in my own home. These belonged to my father, and these were bought in a fair trade shop in Salisbury.

Each one has a memory. Each is special.

My Noma Angel will have to be replaced, sadly. I’ve grown out of her, for one thing. Mainly, however, it’s that she cannot handle the current here and she started to burn out last year. I still have her, safe in her box. So, I’m on the lookout for my new treetop. One day, I’ll see it. It will be quite clear to me in that moment. Until that day, we have a simple gold star. Two this year, as our tree has a very long stalk.

I have included photos from each of the three trees we’ve had since moving here. Different trees, different memories. I love this season – there are various celebrations for various peoples the world over. Even the celebration of Christmas differs slightly from place to place.

This place is far from them, but this tree keeps us close to those we love.

Blessed Yule; Merry Christmas.


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