The challenge this week is to take a picture that shows a new direction for the new year. Well, it’s not so much a new direction for me as it is a new focus on directions I’ve wanted to take.

The Dalai Lama says that the key to happiness is to look at every decision carefully with an eye to whether it will merely satisfy a passing desire or whether it will contribute to your long term happiness.

Glass Painting, Spirituality and all that Jazz.
Glass Painting, Spirituality and all that Jazz.

I use my photographs as the basis for glass painting using a technique I’ve been developing over the last couple of years. I love how the paintings pick up the light, especially when the sun is out and directly behind them. This Columbine is not yet complete, but is well on the way. I don’t paint the background as they are meant to be viewed near a window so you can see the world in behind.

Jazz is my favorite genre of music and this year it will take a front seat in my artistic life as I step out to front a jazz combo. This is a dream come true and while I don’t anticipate it will bring me fame and fortune, I know it will bring me a great deal of satisfaction.

My photography continues to develop and this shot was something of a success story in the use of a flash as I had to balance the need for daylight to come through the painting with the need to light the sheet music. I don’t generally use a flash, but perhaps it’s time to learn so I can use one to best effect when necessary.

Here’s a new photo of the new painting to give you a better idea of this new direction for 2015.


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4 thoughts on “New Focus

  1. I have also wanted to be able to paint. I’ve taken classes, can do stencils fairly well and that’s where it ends. You have some major skills. The last photo is gorgeous. It could be summer all year if you had that in a window, even with snow behind it. 🙂


    1. Thanks Judy. I love doing it and it’s been really interesting learning to work with the medium in this way. I work on acetate, which can be stuck directly to the window, as well as plexi and real glass. I messed up with the jigsaw while cutting this piece of plexi, but I thought I’d see if I could use it anyway. LOL


  2. That’s quite a few creative ventures you’ve got lined up there for this year. All the best with them, and hope you find time for it all. Sounds like you’re passionate about all of them, so I’m sure you’ll find plenty of time Photography is something I’m trying on improving too, especially night photography. I think it will be fun. Best wishes for the year ahead 🙂


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