People of Bosworth

As the joust began, I left my sweetheart watching and wandered the site. What strikes me is the dichotomy between those there from 1485 and those from 2015. The intermingling was so casual, so every day.

Looking at Wares

Market Day

As the joust progressed and one knight after another was defeated, the watching crowd became more engrossed.

Wrapped in Stripes


I wonder if one of them might become a knight one day, to perform at recreations just like this.

Wrapt Attention

The Joust

Anacronysm at Work

Some people simply suit 1485.

A Knight's Tale

Come to Gran

Weaving Tales

She rushes across the arena; for what purpose, I do not know, but she is intent of arriving in time.

Bearing Messages

Meanwhile, back at the joust ….

Back to Childhood

Rest Between Jousts

The lord’s lady congratulates the contestants.

My Lady's Men

She is not a lady, but she has standing in her own right.

Speaking Across Years

It were ever thus … a pretty face captures the eye.

A Pretty Girl

What's That I See

As the joust progressed toward its conclusion, I had the pleasure of watching one little family from 1485. They were on the edge of the arena, Mama and little one sitting with grandparents from 2015, playing, laughing, watching, and Da standing protectively behind. This little girl was such a delight.

15th Century Family

Da Looks On

This is my favourite from this series. Her whole body is involved in the excitement of the joust, from the tips of her little toes, to the top of her head.

Lovin the Joust

I’ve been to Renn Fairs in Canada and they’ve always been a good time, but there is a sense that this is a show and you are the audience. Here in England there is a different feel. It’s much more casual; less ‘show-like’.  Suddenly, a field that is generally empty becomes a city of tents with a market, archery practice, a pub, food stalls, families eating meals cooked on open fires using recipes we haven’t had in centuries.  Every day people living every day lives and you are invited to join them.

Next week, some of the Animals of Bosworth.

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