Slow Down

Every morning I drive this road to the bus. I have seen some amazing sunrises and landscapes on this drive, especially come Autumn, when the Earth shifts on her axis and the Sun’s angle increases. Every so often, my sweetheart drives me to the bus and then the camera comes out.

Now, what you need to realise is that this sign flashes if you are doing .5 miles over the speed limit. The only way to round this curve without this light telling you to slow down is to do 39.9999 miles per hour. There’s incoming traffic at the apex of this curve, and if you were to brake hard when the road is slick from the weather, you might cause an accident. Also, on misty mornings, if the mist is heavy enough, you might not see the traffic entering the road.

On a perfectly clear day, the low speed threshold of the sign seems like over-doing things. It really does. Visibility is good, you can see every vehicle, the roads are dry … why is the County being so persnickety. On mornings like this late September morning, things are a little more clear from that point of view.

A road sign warns drivers to be careful going around the misty morning curve.
A road sign warns drivers to be careful going around the misty morning curve.

Frankly, it’s much more scary from a visual standpoint when driving from the other direction, especially if there’s a bus leading the queue of oncoming traffic – that’s when you fully recognise how incredibly narrow the lanes are. On mornings like this, however, I do find I’m a bit more grateful for the reminder to be careful.

For more takes on being careful, go to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful.”

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