Turning ‘Oops’ Around

We were walking through the forest at our local Beacon Hill one day. It was a perfect Autumn day and the light shone golden at the leaf covered forest floor. It’s a difficult light to shoot and I sometimes despair I shall ever figure out which shutter speed, which ISO, which F-stop is best for these conditions that I find so lovely.

This is what I shot.
This is what I shot.

When I got home and took a look, it was clear that I’d messed up the exposure utterly. I decided to play a little to see if I could fix it.

Young in an Old Forest

While the forest floor and the tree were now closer to what I had been trying to capture, the extremely over-exposed area had taken on a sort of other-worldly feeling.

Then I decided to take it a little farther and see what would happen if it were black and white.

Another mood altogether.
Another mood altogether.

And what started as an ‘Oops’ became a work that tells a story full of shadows and magic – miracles and ancient, wise trees whose voices rumble through the earth.

For more photos showing ‘Oops’ go here: DP WordPress Photo Challenge

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