52 Week Photography Challenge

My sweetheart sent me a link the other day that seemed intriguing. A 52-week photography challenge that is designed to help photographers learn more about the craft.

So, this is week 1: Shoot a self-portrait. Great. I don`t do self-portraits, but I decided to take the challenge so here goes. After over three years of this blog, my first ever photo of me.

Dogwood 52 - Week 1
Dogwood 52 – Week 1

This is me; as is. I used natural (well, floor lamps) lighting as I don`t like to use the flash unless I really have to. My new camera has much greater capability in this regard. Tripods help. I now know how to use my self-timer and the pitfalls of auto-focus – remember that if you use auto-focus, you will need something in your spot when you depress your shutter halfway to focus – otherwise, it will focus on what is behind you, instead of on you!

If you want to join me in the Dogwood 52-Week Photography Challenge, here`s a link: 52-Week Photo Challenge

I`d love to see what you shoot if you decide to take part, so please let me know in the comments and post a link to your Dogwood52.

Happy New Year everyone!

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