Week 2 – Traditional Landscape

The challenge this week is to shoot a traditional landscape, with something interesting in the foreground and including the sky. Well, I’ve been sick since the weekend and other than a walk on Sunday (in the first sun we’ve seen since 2012, I swear) along the lanes of my village, I haven’t been outside. Not much opportunity to shoot a traditional landscape.

This morning, however, I came downstairs after calling in sick to work and noticed that there was gold in the trees visible through the window over my kitchen sink. I looked out our west facing window and saw that there was a strip of gold running through the trees there. I went to the lounge and looked over the property toward the pond … it was a miracle of sun. The entire pond was gold, the trees were gold, the light was gold against a blue sky.

Golden MiracleI don’t know if it’s what the creator of the challenge was looking for, but I love how the light has caught the trees and water. This was about the eighth shot I took, so the water at the left has started to change colour, but I preferred this composition to the others. It was about eight in the morning so the light was changing swiftly. Half an hour later, it was all grey and rainy. Timing is everything.

To enjoy more entries into the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge search #dogwood52 or #dogwoodweek2.

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