This challenge was to take a portrait. A tough one – not because I had a lack of subjects, but because I don’t have enough light, really, to do this during the week – I leave home for work at dawn and return after sunset at this time of year. That leaves weekends for someone who hates using a flash. Since I wasn’t happy with my shots last week … nor yesterday … thank goodness, one of my models became willing to pose … again … during our walk this afternoon.

She's seen her friend, Bos, the Suffolk Spaniel in the distance.
The Princess has seen her friend, Bos, the Suffolk Spaniel, in the distance. Bos is still only about 18 months old, so he’s all puppy and very demanding. He adores the Princess, so I lost her to him a nano-second after this shot was taken.

For this shot, I had an ISO of 250, focal length of 28.2, F-stop 4.4 and shutter speed 1/16.  It was a grey day and it was taken in natural light. I learned more about the focus ring on my camera and how it works this week – how to get it to focus on the point of interest. Still working on that, but I’m getting there.



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