This week’s challenge was to do a faceless portrait – tell someone’s story without their face showing. I had lots of ideas for this one, but it was this shot, taken during an unexpected moment of opportunity that I’m going with. The afternoon sun doesn’t hit this room until quite late in the day at this time of year, and 100 didn’t let in quite enough light so I set it at ISO 200. I was zoomed in to 50mm, so my F-stop was at 5.6, which is the lowest my camera would do with this level of zoom. My shutter speed was 1/16. I couldn’t have fit a tripod in where I’d jammed myself to get the shot, so I leaned on the wall which helped.

Talking to his Boy

I’m learning so much through this challenge. It’s stretching me; making me look for the scene. And it’s forcing me to learn my camera, learn my craft.

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