This week’s challenge was to take a panorama landscape. I’m lucky I found the panorama setting on this new camera. It works completely differently than on my other Fuji, which stitches together three separate shots. This one works more like a video camera, taking multiple shots as you scan the scene while hopefully, holding the camera level and turning at a steady speed. The effect when you don’t hold it level is quite interesting as the pictures have distinct breaks in them. A girl walking in one of them ended up with two extra legs!!

This shot illustrates, I hope, the vastness of the land around here. There were walkers everywhere, which often happens when there’s even the promise of sun, so I decided to go with them.

Climbing up to the Folly is only part of the walk - there are 799 more acres to explore!
Climbing up to the Folly is only part of the walk – there are 799 more acres to explore!

My camera won’t let you set ISO below 200 on a panoramic shot, so I thought I’d set it to Auto and see what would happen. I also wasn’t certain whether a lower F-stop would be better, or a higher one, so I did a few at different F-stops. This was taken at F-13 with shutter speed of 1/181. The camera chose ISO 200 for this shot.

The point of this challenge is to learn about your camera and how to use it to create good pictures. Well, I sure am learning!

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