In Search of Effective Shadows

This search actually began weeks ago, when I first read the list of challenges. Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I love the play of light and shadow. These are a few shots, some taken in recent weeks, some taken yesterday in my quest for the shot. A couple were taken for the flowers.

Plowed Light
Plowed Light

We wandered off the footpath to walk the perimeter of the field. It was tough-going but it was a good work-out and the way the sun played on the freshly turned soil from this angle caught me.

Silhouette Lane

I had turned because I was waiting for another dog-walker who was coming up behind. This is what I saw.


When I saw this, the shadows appeared as lace on the grass-tufted pasture. I never did quite get it right.

Shadow Play
Shadow Play – I almost used this shot for the challenge this week. It’s one I took when I was in search of my black and white landscape.

Today is Mothering Sunday here in the UK. I took these yesterday. I call them Kamikazi Daffs and they have delighted me from the first time I saw them four years ago. Daffodils that appear on grassy verges, on traffic islands, hedgerows and sometimes in the centre of a field.

Kamikazi Daffs
Kamikazi Daffs
Daffy Snows
Daffy Snows

To my Mum with all my love, and to all the Moms out there, a very Happy Mothering Sunday.

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