This is week 9 of the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge and we were to shoot artistic shadows. Considering where I live, as this week went on I thought I might have to stage this one indoors because having the sun where I need it to be when I want to take a picture can be, well, akin to a pipe dream. Luckily, I didn’t have to; although during the hour long walk we took yesterday, the pup and I experienced, hail, rain, clouds and then sun. We left in sun and hadn’t gone more than 100 feet up the lane when the hail started. I wanted to turn around right then and there, but the dog had to go – except she was faking me out to keep me on the walk and by the time she was done faking, the hail had stopped, so we continued. With my camera tucked inside my jacket, just in case. Half an hour later, I turned around from a pasture gate I had been leaning on to get artistic pictures of the lacy shadows of trees on the grass, and saw this.

Taken at 12:20pm - the earth's angle hasn't quite switched yet, so we're still getting good shadows at noon!
Taken at 12:20pm – the earth’s angle hasn’t quite switched yet, so we’re still getting good shadows at noon!

ISO 200, F-3.5, 1/2000, 16mm focal length.

I think I’ve begun to grok what I’m learning; slowly, slowly, it sifts through my brain pan into my eyes and fingers.  More from the challenge next week.

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