Environmental Portrait

This was a neat one. Take a portrait of your subject in its natural environment. There was only one place for this and that was in one of the many outdoor markets in the area. A walk down Castle Street, through the Saturday market in Hinckley provided my subjects. But only one really told a story, gave me an insight into her based on her surroundings. It’s mid-afternoon, past 3:30, coming into the last hour of the market.

She pauses for a moment to assess her stock.
She pauses for a moment to assess her stock.

ISO 200, F5.6, 1/500, 50mm focal length. I adjusted the shadows and brightness to allow my subject to be a bit more visible.

So that’s week 10 of the Dogwood 52 week Photo Challenge. Every week, so far, I’ve learned and, I think, grown, as a photographer. I look forward to the next ten weeks!

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