This week’s challenge really did teach me a great deal, stretching me in ways that none of the others have. I was at a complete loss for a subject to start with as I’ve been rather home-bound with my photography of late. So, yesterday morning I picked up my camera and started to play. The sunshine lit the room as much as it ever does and someone in a Facebook group mentioned the idea of putting the subject in front of a window to help create the high-key effect. I understand now how that can be helpful as it’s the white background reflecting the light in behind the subject that really makes the shot high-key. Yesterday morning, I did’t quite get it.

The Lord Buddha

Then I thought I’d try a Poinsettia in the kitchen window.


Then I went outside.


A Flower`s Prayer


Of course, there were, well, a lot of photos of my favourite subject. This is one of my top choices.

What`s That!

These last two are for Mum, Patricia, Alayne, and Lizbeth as I know Spring has not yet sprung very far. My little Ornamental Cherry finally started to bloom in this year of early blooms. I thought I’d try one shot in the late afternoon light as high-key as I could get it.

Cherry Bright

And one more; this time same settings, but without the flash to get it as I was seeing it.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week\s journey in photography. I sure have and I look forward to finding out what next week brings.

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