Portrait: Movement Most portraits are stationary, so this week explore adding some movement. Dancing, twirling, or even hair flips.

Now, I know the sort of thing that’s expected in this challenge, so I immediately went in another direction. I’ve always loved capturing our Canadians with my camera – in the water, on land, in the air (rarely), but in the water most especially. Their effect on their immediate surroundings is evident, well, immediately. Whether it’s their reflection, or how the water ripples as they move through it, there is a grace to them.

This fellow is new to us … we think. We haven’t named him yet, but he is starting to respond to seed thrown over the water. Yesterday, I watched the water as he turned this way and that for some new, delicious, morsel.

Movement in Blue
ISO 200; 75mm; F9; 1/125

The other photo I’m using for this week’s challenge also features our new Canadian friend. He’s pretty quick and I had to run to keep abreast.

Racing for Seeds
ISO 200; 75mm; F5.6; 1/60

I’m really pleased with this outcome. It’s not a person dancing or flipping hair, but I have caught the impact of our new Canada Goose friend on his surroundings as he powers himself up the pond.

I was a bit at a loss for this week’s challenge – neither of my favourite models is given to back flips or running, and we don’t see many people where we live. I’d forgotten about my other favourite models, the Canadians that visit the pond every year. I’ve learned a lot about shooting them in this challenge and found that my efforts to record their movement through water granted me a new technique for shooting them.

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