I had a tough time with this week’s challenge because my subject matter is currently limited. Neither of my favourite models is happy to do back flips or hair flips, for that matter, so, I really didn’t know what I was going to shoot for a portrait in motion.

And motion is relative – do you do a stop motion, or allow the subject to be blurred to show motion. They tell two different stories. You could also follow the subject, match its speed as you hold down the shutter. Or, you could take a photo of scenery from the car, allowing the foreground to be an indicator of the motion of your car.

Movement Caught

I don’t take my Fuji in to work with me as it’s bulky and heavier. However I always have my little Samsung … always. I actually feel lost without it and I pull it out whenever I feel the need. So, this week, with finally warm temperatures for a lunch outside, I went to the Leicester Town Square and sat on a bench munching my sandwich and watching the water in the fountain, the pigeons and the people.

I zoomed to get a close-up of one of the creatures on the fountain and accidentally caught another bit of movement.

Unlooked For Movement

Water is one of my favourite subjects so I enjoyed capturing the movement of the water as it fell from the fountain, via stream or mist, into the pool below.

Yesterday, we went drove into town to pick up some fresh veg at market. It’s Rapeseed season. I love Rapeseed season. The world turns yellow; oceans of yellow. It’s glorious and wonderous.

Rapeseed Animation

I love how the scene is relatively still while the fence resembles a zoetrope – almost disappearing we’re moving so quickly.

After we got home we took a walk around our favourite pond. That’s when I took the photos I used in this week’s challenge. My pup has a spot at which she stops every time we do the circuit. This is what she does there.

Rolling Rolling Rolling

So, that was the journey to this week’s challenge photos. Once again, I learned more, improved a little I hope. I think I’m going to have to start taking my good camera into the city. Especially for next week’s challenge!

2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Your fountain is well-remembered and I particularly love the second picture with the little girl in pink running towards the mist and sparkle of the water. Beautiful. >


    1. I knew you would remember. No cherry blossoms yet; either that or they’ve been and gone. It’s weird this year. Yes, the little girl was a happy accident. She appeared from behind the fountain and I didn’t even know she was there!


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