The Spring That Almost Isn’t

This has been such an odd Spring for weather. The polar chill hasn’t quite left the air and there’s snow in the forecast for northern Scotland and sleet for the east coast! If the sun is out and touching the spot you are standing on, there is glorious warmth. If it isn’t, I swear the temperature drops by five degrees.

Yet still, somehow, Mother Nature has her Spring flowers and everyday there is an other new one. It’s as if each new bloom is a finger at Old Man Winter for holding on so long and not allowing the Earth to warm properly! So, here’s another small selection of Spring flowers for you. The purple Flox at the end wasn’t there last week, so it is the most exciting to me.

You will see in this particular gallery our newest bird friend. He has distinctive colouring, so we always recognise him when he is in the yard. We’ve named him George. At first, George only had one female friend. He now has a hareem of four! We’re slowly learning to distinguish them, but it’s difficult so we’re never quite sure which is which. I think this one is Mrs George No. 3.

3 thoughts on “The Spring That Almost Isn’t

  1. Good evening Cousin Kathy, thought I’d send along a quick note to say your Mom sent along your site to me and I pop in for a peek every once in a while. I love the photos! Best regards, Cousin, Garry Bolton, Ontario, CANADA


      1. Hi Kathy, one day we’ll meet…missed you on your last trip this side of the pond. I have our great grandfather’s Family Bible, which your Mom says you would love to see. I believe she has sent you scans of the hand written entries of recorded family history contained therein.
        Cousin Garry


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