We Have Baby Canadians!!

Geese that is. We haven’t got to know this pair very well as we haven’t been round the pond very often, but we had noticed that the male was on his own a lot. Yesterday we got home and I looked out the window.

“We have babies!!” I shrieked.

“How many?” came the voice from the kitchen.

“One, two three, four! No five!! We have five of them!!”

They look like they are only a day or so old. At one point last evening, I looked out and just about had a heart attack. There was only one poking about in the grass with Papa close by. Then I realised that Mama had a very odd bulge under her wing. The other four were under there. What a relief!

So, here are my first shots of this year’s family, taken at high zoom and through both our window and 3mm plexi secondary glazing (been too cold until this week to take it off).





The last two shots only show three of them, but the first two show all five. You just have to look. Don’t forget there’s always one adventurous little guy. He’s at the edge of the top two photos, going on walkabout or something.

It always lifts our hearts to see the family. Now we get to watch them grow and one day in July, we’ll hopefully be allowed to see them fly.

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