What the heck is a messy portrait?

Portrait: Messy Take an amazing portrait of someone, make a mess while you are doing it.

Well, we make messes all the time, but not generally on purpose. I was at a loss on this one. I checked out the Dogwood Flickr page, and the one Facebook Dogwood group I belong to: people had all different takes on this and some were really well done.

As usual, my favourite subject saved the day. She was posing beautifully; lying gracefully in the grass, looking at me just like the Princess she is. In the moment before I pressed the shutter, she made a mess of it in the most delightful way.

ISO 200 – F5.6 – 1/100 – 23.1mm

She's laughing; I just know she is.
She’s laughing; I just know she is.

So, there’s my messy portrait. What a joyful creature my pup is.

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