Life’s Handy Moments

Every night, my sweetheart and I sit together, watching a movie and holding hands. So, when I read the challenge for Week 22, I immediately thought of that. I took my first test shot that evening.

Gentle Giant

To get that shot, I was at ISO 1600, F6.4 and shutter speed of .624 seconds. There was no way I was going to be able to get the shot, from the angle I wanted, one handed, with those settings and still have any  hope of focus. Sadly, my tripod wasn’t an option.

That led to the next test shot, one handed focussing as I needed to have my other hand in the shot to get the right depth, then one handed balancing of the lens while I shifted my hand so I could reach the shutter button.

At PeaceThere had to be an easier way. Still, the extra light, earlier in the evening, had allowed a quicker shutter speed, so one handed shooting wasn’t quite as difficult. Next, I wanted to work with my tripod and try using my self-timer so I could focus with both hands on a stable platform. I was slowly perfecting the shot and looking forward to trying again yesterday for my final, RAW, shot.

Then we went to family fun day with my company.

As we drove across the city, my entire concept changed in a flash. It was so perfect, given how much he loves to drive.

ISO 200; F16; 1/15; 47mm
ISO 200; F16; 1/15; 47mm

As usual, the challenge took its own direction. Also as usual, I’m glad. The journey is what’s important. The knowledge gleaned along the way are bits of treasure to be polished.

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