Week 23.

Landscape: Weather This week should be as unpredictable as the weather! Feature the weather in this week’s landscape.

Last Sunday, the weather finally shifted. More sun, much more beautiful, amassing, and increasingly dark, cloud cover. Storms were predicted for Tuesday, so I was hopeful of getting some good opportunities. I waited until Tuesday. Just in case.

The drive home was full of eager anticipation at the great shots I would be able to get. The clouds were dramatic. Still no rain when I needed it, but by this time, I had come to the decision weather is weather. You can only work with what you have, as even the best photographer cannot influence Mother Nature.  So, I did and had a ball trying to capture the effect of the nimbostratus clouds softly cloaking ginormous stratus and possibly some cumulonimbus clouds.

However, the photo I have chosen for this week’s challenge is from Sunday, when the clouds began to roll in over the brilliant sunshine and rain-washed green. I call it ‘Lowering Skies’.

ISO 200; F18; 1/125; 24mm
ISO 200; F18; 1/125; 24mm

I’ve experienced skies that sit on your shoulders back home in Muskoka, but never before have I experienced anything like the effect here, of being able to reach up and grasp a cloud. They become like a ceiling in your world, heavy and moist. It’s really quite something.

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