Landscape: Simplify Simply the scene to make your primary subject stand out.

Week 26 – I’m about a month late with this one, odd how that happens, but finally I have a few moments to put my blog together. This one is all about simplicity. Make the primary subject stand out. You’d think that would be, well, simple. I thought so. I spent two weeks on this one because I wasn’t fully satisfied. The photo I’ve chosen, however,  does capture the challenge. I think. So here it is.

ISO 200; F9; 1/250; 24mm
ISO 200; F9; 1/250; 24mm

It’s not often the telephone poles become the focus of my photos. They’re usually an irritant. But they were there, in the middle of my shot, so I thought I’d use them. This was from my first week of shots. I took some lovely shots the second week, but the first week captured the challenge better. Sometimes, you gotta trust in your process, instead of second guessing.

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