Landscape: Waterscape Ocean, lake, river, pond, or puddle. Make water the primary subject of this landscape.

I love photographing water. If the primary tool in photography is light, then water is designed to show light beautifully. While other objects create reflections, water absorbs the quality of the light. But these are two absolute necessities for life … water and light … the other being nourishment.

This past weekend in South Wales was, well, since we were on the coast, full of water. It was everywhere and for once, not falling from the heavens as well. So, week 29’s challenge had a fair bit of inspiration from which to draw. It was a tough choice, especially since I saw Swansea Harbour in both early morning and golden hour light. This shot was taken at just before 7:30 on Sunday morning as I took the pup out for her morning constitutional. The tide was out (and it goes out a fair ways) so we were able to have a good wander.

ISO 800, F13, 1/2000, 24mm
ISO 800, F13, 1/2000, 24mm

You will note that from the ISO this is one of the happy accidents. I will use this technique of letting in as much light as the camera will take and then fighting to bring it into reality again. I make this mistake of forgetting to check my ISO fairly regularly and must stop, but in this case, I have a new technique to explore because I love what allowing this much light does to my photographs.

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