Artistic: Patterns Get inspired by the rhythm that patterns bring to your images.

Patterns appear in so many different ways, so I looked forward to finding some on our weekend away. I found this week`s challenge photo looking through a back door to the restaurant we had dinner in on Saturday evening. What a pretty pattern it is.

ISO 200; F9; 1/30; 60mm
ISO 200; F9; 1/30; 60mm

I love the ‘leadwork’ diamond pattern and newness of the windows in juxtaposition with the rawness of the brick and stone. From the uneven, narrow nature of the bricks this would be an older building, possibly going back into the 1700s. The regular pattern of the bricks is broken up by the somewhat rambling pattern of the stone. Much of the front face of this building is stone, so I wonder if they continued the stone around to this lane facing side in this fashion to tie in the two construction materials. Either way, I love it.

At first glance, the villages and towns of the UK can seem exactly alike. If you look, really look, you’ll realise that every place in the UK is  unique in the colour of its bricks and the stone used in masonry. Every place has a pattern.

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