Portrait: Street Candid Candids on the street, show us life in your town through the lens.

I took my camera to work again for this one and realised very quickly that black and white was the way to go. Monday, I took most of my shots after work, as I returned to my bus stop. Tuesday, I spent an hour at lunch wandering, choosing a spot and sitting for a while. I got some really interesting shots, all of which told a story, but they weren’t necessarily good photographs. Paring it down to a reasonable number wasn’t quite as difficult once I began to look objectively and I managed to get this week’s challenge down to ten.

Truth be told, this week’s challenge photo was pretty obvious from the start. I knew as soon as I took it. Tuesday’s wander and the photos that came of it were icing on the cake.

ISO 200; F5.6; 1/500; 33mm
ISO 200; F5.6; 1/500; 33mm

I was waiting for my bus and having taking several pictures of this group, decided to sit on the very low ledge for a different perspective. Boy am I ever glad I did! The days are getting shorter and now, at 5:45 the sun is no longer quite so high; the golden hour occurs increasingly and inexorably earlier. This wasn’t it (thank goodness it’s still August so there is a bit of time before the days are that short) but the length of the shadows is a direct result of the shift toward Autumn and our changing angle to the sun. They add to the texture of the scene, grounding it in the reality of people just trying to get home at the end of a long day — enjoying the late summer sun as they wait.

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