Landscape: Colorful Shoot a landscape that packs as much color as you can find into the scene.

Well, now, it’s August. Gold and green are almost the only colours in my landscape these days, unless you add the blue of sky. We took the pup to our favourite walking spot last week, where I took some really good shots, I think. But this one, a micro-landscape, if  you will, captures the challenge. And it was a challenge to find anywhere that packed a bunch of colour.

ISO 500; F7.1; 1/250; 24mm
ISO 500; F7.1; 1/250; 24mm

I think it works pretty well. My first thought when I started this one was, “Oh shoot, why couldn’t this one have been in June when the flax was in bloom!”

Still, I’m just as glad. I had to find the colour in different places and ways; look at my world a little more closely.


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