Artistic: Food Take your food photography to the next level. Its not lunch, its art.

See, the problem with weekly challenges is that you have to do all of them to really get the benefit. That includes the ones you would not normally ever do. Like food photography. I don’t do food photography to start with, so to take it to the next level … well, to do it at all is a level, I suppose. Problem is, I look at food on a plate and think, “Let’s eat!” So, when I came up against this challenge, inspiration was non-existent.

So, one day last week, I was working on my vegetable garden. I’ve never had a veg bed before, and now I have two raised veg beds growing like mad. Cucumbers, tomatoes, waxed beans, broad beans, kale, cabbage, peas, onions and leeks. The cauliflower was a bit of a disaster. Cabbage white butterfly caterpillars. It wasn’t pretty.

Anyway, as I worked, I realised that I had a ripe tomato and that one of my cucumbers looked big enough to harvest. Salad! I pulled out some organic greens and my husband’s awesome homemade dressing, put cucumber and tomato on the cutting board and prepared to dice. That’s when inspiration hit and I took the whole thing out to the patio.

My herb garden is in containers on my table out there and the veg beds were a great backdrop, so I started shooting.

ISO 200; F3.8; 1/320; 30mm
ISO 200; F3.8; 1/320; 30mm

If I had a ripe onion and some olives, I’d have Greek Salad. The neat thing is that I grew these. I fussed over them and pulled bugs off and let nature do her thing. Boy did they ever taste good!

One thought on “Food, Glorious Food

  1. Knowing how hard you have worked on your trug-filled veggies-to-be this result is truly to be commended. The photo is lovely as well. Mom >


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