Portrait: Fashion Avant-garde to commercial to traditional, and everything in between. The focus is the clothes this week.

I don’t do fashion photography. In fact, I do it even less than I do food photography. Still, I had to do it, so I sought a way that wouldn’t feel like I was shooting fashion. The challenge here was that I still had to allow the fashion to be the focus of the shot.

We went to Bradgate Park last week. one of our favourite places. And there, by Old John, was this couple. They’d just climbed up and had turned around to see where they’d been. It was perfect for a fashion magazine shot – maybe a hiking fashion shot.

Hiking Magazine
ISO 200; F5; 1/500; 53mm

I learned a bit about the developing function of my programme today and realised that when I’m working with a RAW file, I’m best to use that function, then pull it into editing for resizing and adding my signature. I am pleased with being able to make the couple and their clothes my point of focus. So, I think I did all right with this one.