Get Low
Time to look at the world from a different angle. Shoot a landscape from a low point of view.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about this challenge is the various perspectives we are encouraged to take in our photography. This week, we were to shoot a landscape from a low vantage point. I already do this, often crouching down to see what it looks like from there; so, for me the challenge was to find different ways of accomplishing the goal. Perhaps not surprisingly, I found myself drawn to hills.

Back to one of our favourite spots we went. You’ve all seen this before, from several different perspectives, but this challenge brought out the humour in the place. I couldn’t believe it when I realised what I was seeing in the shadows on Old John. Monty Python lovers will understand, I think, when I say that I keep expecting to hear ‘Ni’, or to have some stupid insult thrown at me à la the French Knights, also from The Holy Grail.

ISO 200; F7.1; 1/250, 24mm
ISO 200; F7.1; 1/250, 24mm

So, another lesson learned. Always, always, keep your eye open for the unexpected as you compose your shot and be prepared to go with it. This might not be the best shot I took that day, but it is perfect for the challenge.

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