Art: Handmade Your artistic interpretation should be inspired by another artisan’s handmade work. Literal or interpreted.

I’ve known for ages what I was going to do with week 39’s challenge. What I didn’t have was inspiration.

Then, yesterday, I put on a jacket that I haven’t worn in about eight months. I put my hands in the pockets and found some pottery sherds that I had picked up in a field where we meander periodically. I’d like to know how old they actually are, but they could be any age. They are red clay with black glaze, but interestingly, when I took this week’s photograph the glaze picked up and reflected the blue in the hand thrown tankard we bought in Tintagel this year.

Beside the tankard is a had carved wooden bowl, painted in brightly coloured, bold stripes, made by an artisan in my hometown back in Canada. Behind it all are my own glass paintings, based on photographs I have taken.

ISO 200; F11; 1/8
ISO 200; F11; 1/8

What pulls it all together is the jumble of hand thrown pottery sherds and the metalwork frog – grounding to bring balance to the brightness and lightness above.

I used ambient lighting and my settings, and tweaked the light and contrast in the developer ever so slightly. Also, I used my tripod. Overall, I like this photo so I’m pleased with this one.

One thought on “A Hand Made Tale

  1. I like the glow of your glass paintings casting light on everything. You will need that glow during the dark days to come. Mom >


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