I really only took a few shots for Week 40 of the challenge. These are the other two.

She told me she couldn’t stop talking long enough to pose. She was almost right; as my challenge photo proves, she is capable. However, I love this shot of her, because it captures her spirit and natural animation.

Telling me that she probably won't stop talking.
Chatting about life, politics and religion, as only friends can do.

This was one of the shots I took a couple of weeks ago to start preparing for this challenge. It also captures the character of my subject, I think.

They take a moment to survey their domain.
They take a moment to survey their domain.

I’ve enjoyed this challenge as well. I rather doubt I’ll take up formal portraiture, but I’m not afraid to use the tools I have to hand to make a seated photo be a little more like a portrait. Another learning curve; another day.

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