Landscape: A Tree Some of the most famous landscapes in the world feature a tree. Time to see what you can do.

Week 44 takes me back to nature, where I am at my most comfortable. I love trees.

Across the lane is the  Forgotten Wood. Once, it was a formal garden; now, it is wild and grown over. There are no paths anymore; no discernible order. My favourite tree ever is in there, a massive Beech. However, I have yet to take a picture of it that I like and so I moved on after I shot it, just in case.

This Grove of what I think are Silver Birch lies just beyond my friend the Beech. The sun touched the tree tops, dappling the trunks and forest below.

ISO 800; F 5.6; 1/15; 27mm
ISO 800; F 5.6; 1/15; 27mm

It’s peaceful in the Forgotten Wood; all sound hushed by the carpet of Autumn leaves. Birds call, wind plays in the leaves above, and the warming scent of the forest floor add to the magic of the Grove.

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