Landscape: Get High Everything looks different when you are high. Find a high perspective to shoot this landscape.

Things are easier said than done, sometimes. I’ve had to reach back a couple of months for this shot; although I did finally take some lovely shots recently from high vantage points. Problem is, I think the spirit of this challenge is the drop – looking down. Not many places here where I can do that. Not the way I’d like, anyway.

That said, a couple of months ago, I had the distinct pleasure to visit Cornwall again. Knowing that I had these challenges coming, I decided to start taking shots for them while I was there. This rather anticipated the last month of my life, which I seem, somehow, to have lost utterly. It happened. I’m sure I was there. Haven’t a clue what I did.

Anyway, taking a photo from a high spot ….

I did have several shots I could have gone with, especially now that I have my new lens! The one I chose, however, I think best embodies the spirit of the challenge.

ISO 200; F10; 1/60; 75mm.
ISO 200; F10; 1/60; 75mm.

The seals come to this cove at the National Trust site at Godrevy to sun bathe. They play, lounge and generally seemed pretty chill as we stared down at them. There are signs requesting silence from those at the clifftop, so as not to disturb the seals in their protected spot. I love the natural breakwater of the boulders, with the waves smashing against them, creating a froth on the deep turquoise sea.

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