The Princess and I were walking down the lane one sunny morning and we went to check out our favourite sheep pasture. This was my first attempt at backlighting and while it’s a nice photo, it didn’t work very well. I had to do a bit of tweaking in my developer to make her face visible.

Sitting by our favourite sheep pasture.
Sitting by our favourite sheep pasture.

I do like the composition of this shot and the way her fur is caught by the sun. It is too bad that the flash didn’t fill in the light the way I would have liked, but that’s what photo finishing is about, isn’t it.

I don’t use a flash as a rule, even in low light, because I find it washes out detail and colour. It’s been ages, actually, and I’m pretty sure, in the year that I’ve had it, I’ve never used the flash on this camera. In fact, it took me a few moments to even figure out how to open it! So, this challenge taught me that sometimes, the flash is your friend. As a result of me learning that lesson, my sweetheart has now decided I need a proper flash. Valentine’s Day is coming!

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