Thoughtful Days

I had dental surgery a couple of days ago. Shocking how much it’s affected my mood. Something about a swollen, heavy, face and stitches pulling every time I smile or laugh (we won’t talk about trying to eat) has made me rather blue.

Part of the problem, I think, is that Spring, whilst here, has not actually sprung any warm temperatures. My garden is sorely in need of work, but who wants to when it’s mizzly, rainy, drizzly, cloudy and cold … every day? It’s supposed to get warmer this week, into double digits, they say. I’ll believe that when it happens.

My poor dog hasn’t been properly walked in almost a week. She’s starting to get cabin fever as she hates the rain and mud as much as I do and the patio hasn’t been dry enough for her to lounge out there and command her world in ages. We had a dry morning yesterday. She was out for a couple of hours. That helped a bit.

We’ve decided (after six years) we need to become more English when it comes to the rain; start going out in it instead of hiding from it. Last week, we decided to take the Princess to our favourite nature area, mizzle be damned. There, we joined a bunch of other people who had, apparently, all said, ‘Mizzle be damned,’ and were taking their dogs and families out, too. Our girl made lots of friends on our walk around the lake and I got some interesting photographs.

And that rather brings me to the point … going out in the rain is, well, wet and messy. You end up with muddy paws and long, wooly, soaked fur that you shake off constantly to get rid of the water that keeps coming back. If you’re willing to brave those discomforts, however, the rewards are quite something.

My photos from that walk have a quality to them that they wouldn’t have, otherwise. They are soft and gentle, rather silvery gilt in aspect. In response to the weather, the water became a lovely soft brown that set the reeds to glowing. Pussy Willows seemed to float in silvery air. It was lovely.

I guess that’s how the blues can be. If you embrace the rain rather than hating it; if you walk in it, acknowledge it, but don’t let it stop you; life will show you beauty that you wouldn’t see any other way.

My face isn’t any less swollen and my stitches are still uncomfortable, but when I look at these pictures, I remember that there is more to it than discomfort. If I keep breathing and relax, rest because I need to, acknowledge the discomfort but don’t dwell in it and take food a small bite at a time, I will get through this.

That’s the secret to the rough times; acceptance and reflection can lead to a path through the dismal to better days. Today, it’s sunny and finally, we have warmer weather. For today anyway. And sometimes, that’s all you need to see you through the next rainy day.

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