Treats, Wings & Tantrums

And life settled into a routine. Morning feed, swim, late morning feed, swim, early afternoon feed, preen and nap, late afternoon feed, swim, early evening feed, swim. Their little legs got a bit stronger and May ended. They still stopped to rest a lot, but it was getting easier to walk on tiny legs. Their wings were still little nubs of down without much use, and they were still very tiny, so on the odd occasion when one of the goslings actually lifted a wing, it was pretty darned cute!

As always, Ralph and Alice, Trixie and Norton were never far from the little ones, whose heads barely appeared above the grass. Sometimes, you wouldn’t know a gosling was there until it moved. The four personalities continued to develop. Dad’s Lieutenant stuck by Ralph, puffing his chest and strutting. Shy One was still a little smaller and weaker than the others. She was starting to go a bit further afield, but she preferred to be near Alice. The Gemini Twins still spent most of their time together, but were starting to go off on their own a little.

With four adult Canada Geese on the ponds, the rest of the water fowl felt much safer. Because of the predators, the ducklings weren’t being brought onto the grass the way they had been in previous years. However, whenever the family hung out by the edge of the water, it wasn’t long before a duck or two showed up as well.

This next gallery doesn’t really have a story. it’s just a selection of the photographs I took over the next few days, from May 23 to late afternoon May 24. I thought you’d enjoy them. At this point, their little wings have developed into two parts. They still can’t use them, but the effect at this age is that of a five-year-old with her fists on her hips. That’s what it makes me think of, anyone. It’s one of my favourite couple of days.

And then, one day, about three weeks after they were born, visitors arrived. They always keep their distance, but it’s like they’re checking on the family again; making sure that the goslings are being properly protected.

And later that day, lunchtime brought a treat. In six years, I’ve never seen the family do this; at least, not that I recall.

This is another series of the family doing what it does: resting, eating, grooming, trying out wings, calisthenics.

And later that day.

They are still in danger from the ravens, so the adults remain vigilant.

And all is safe for the time being. It’s put Ralph, however, in a really bad mood and as usual, Norton was on the receiving end. This time, however, Dad’s Lieutenant got involved.

And the little family grows. It is such a pleasure to watch them from my desk by the window and to share their story. Sometimes, it is the simplest things that bring peace.

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