Life and Growing

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted. Sorry about that. Especially since a couple of readers have expressed concerns for the Goslings in the last week or so!!!

Life continued on the pond and by the end of May, the Goslings were becoming stronger and bigger. Ralph and Alice began to allow them to walk further, as their little legs allowed. They’d already made it as far as the drive before.

One day, however, they were allowed to go further.

Then it was back to the other side for a rest.

The drive isn’t so very deep to climb into and out of, but little legs do get tired!

The next day, the last day of May, the Goslings are still less than a month old. They’ve been across the drive for another adventure, but when it was time to head back to the pond, Shy One wasn’t quite ready.

One June 1, there was little change in the daily routine. However, I did get to see what happens when Goslings don’t heed Mama’s advice.

We went to Swansea in Wales for a few days, so there’s a four day gap in the photos. I hate when that happens as I feel I’m going to miss something key! The result is usually that I take several hundred photos within hours of walking in my front door. This time, it was late when we got home, so they were already on the island for the night. When I saw them the next morning, it was June 5, almost a month since their birth. They had definitely grown, and their colours had begun to change in earnest.

A couple of hours later, the family have swum and crossed the drive to feed. Time for a rest.

An hour later, the last few photos from June 5.

It’s quiet on the lawn; the day is grey and warm. I’ll be taking the dog for a walk in a bit. Every so often, we hear Canada Geese flying over the house. The other day I saw them flying over the lawn and did a quick count. I’m pretty sure it was our family and I smiled to think it. We were in the Lake District last week, but as we got out of the car upon our return, we heard them.

“They’re welcoming us home!” my sweetheart said with a great grin as he listened.

Rest assured that there remain weeks’ worth of photos following this year’s family through to maturity and many more stories to tell. I’m still choosing and developing photos from June! I’m trying to be picky, but it’s difficult. Bear with me. Our Canada Goose family fascinates me and I tend to think that if it’s in focus, it’s worth looking at!


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